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C36 Dimer acid

Name:C36 Dimer acid

CAS: 61788-89-4 

Molecular formula:C36H64O4  

Molecular weight: 560.91

Physicochemical properties: two pure polylactic acid is C36 acid, but it is difficult to simply give the correct molecular structure of it. Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid. The relative density is 0.95 and flash point is 280-350. Soluble in acetone, ethanol, ethyl ether and aliphatic, naphtha and other organic solvents, insoluble in water.

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Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid

Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid

Usage:two poly acid has the same reactivity as the general fatty acid, and can produce metal salt with alkali metal, and can be used to produce acyl chloride, amide, ester, two amine, diisocyanate and other products. Two poly acid has long chain alkane and ring structure, has good mutual solubility with various solvents, good thermal stability, and is not cured in winter, and when vapor pressure is low, still has anti-corrosion effect, good lubricity. Therefore, it is widely used as additive for fuel oil, lubricating oil, calendering oil, hydraulic oil, cutting oil, etc.. The ester of this product can be used as a viscosity stabilizer in a wide range of temperatures. The metal salts of this product are widely used as thickening agents for greases. The use of this product in the manufacture of poly resin, accounting for two of the total consumption of poly acid 80-90%, the rest used in oil additives, surfactants, synthetic paint, printing ink, adhesives, curing agent, etc..

Packaging, storage and transportation:200 liter plastic barrel or plastic lined iron container, net content of 190kg per barrel. Transportation in accordance with general chemicals